Small Groups


We call our small groups Life Groups! We gather mostly in homes, but also sometimes at the church. Life Group is a place where we grow in our faith and learn together; a place where we develop new and lasting friendships. We believe that one of the best ways to grow in our faith is to “do life” together in community, in a casual and relaxed setting. This is where we share life experiences and apply God’s truth to our lives. It is where we hold each other accountable, build unity, develop healthy relationships and practice hospitality. It is also the practice ground where we learn to use our God-given gifts. We learn how to better support each other through difficult times and rejoice with each other’s successes.

Woodbridge Home Group

Mondays at 7:15pm

Hosts/Co-Leaders:  Doug and Barb Sellman, Eric and Jill Jago

Springfield Home Group

Thursdays at 7pm
Hosts/Leaders:  Kornel and Thitiya Gyalokay

Lake Ridge Home Group I

Fridays at 7pm

Hosts/Leaders:  Mark and Angela Pertuit

Lake Ridge Home Group II

Fridays at 7pm
Hosts/Leaders:  Kyon and Cindy Yi