Our Staff
Mark Pertuit (per-TWEE) is a disciple of Jesus who's happily married to Angela; he's also the father of Zoe and Theo. Mark obtained his Master of Theology (M.Th.) from the University of Oxford. Originally from New Jersey, he's lived outside of Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, as well as in Oxford (UK), and more recently in Antwerp, Belgium, where he pastored an English-speaking church in the heart of the city. He has deeply enjoyed befriending folks from around the world, and has learned a lot from people hailing from many different places and perspectives. Mark sees life with Christ as a big adventure, which gets more exciting as time goes on.
Mark's twitter account is @Pertweeter.


Angela Pertuit - Children's Director


Adam Davis was born in Orlando, FL and was raised throughout the United States as part of a military family. He and his family attended the Vineyard in the early 1990′s when his father was stationed at the Pentagon. Following his pastoral studies at Prairie Bible College, he returned to Northern Virginia, and to the Vineyard, in 2008. Since attending the Vineyard Adam has served in worship and children's ministries. Adam accepted the position of Administrator in the summer of 2011. He loves basketball, music, and food! Adam and his wife have three fantastic kids.