We are a diverse community of people serving a merciful and powerful God, who's shown Himself in Jesus.  

The Bible shows again and again 

that God's plan is for us to experience His love 
and to give it away in service to others.  
He highly values people, and so we do, too!  

So we hope you'll come along.  
We'd love to welcome you and to get connected! 

Sunday Worship Service:  10 AM

 Upcoming Conference:  June 12-14, 2015:  
 with Ken Fish

Freedom, Growth, Power! Experiencing the Transforming Love of Jesus

As soon as we start following Jesus, he starts growing and restoring us, and he never stops.  His plan is growth and increasing freedom for all his followers.  But sometimes we get stuck, often because of hurtful experiences we’ve had in relationships.  Whether because of things done to us, or because of things we’ve done, or outside forces, being stuck causes and creates suffering.  We find ourselves struggling to be the men or women God made us to be.  We may even wonder if we'll ever arrive.

But Jesus reigns! And he is eager to advance his kingdom in our lives.  He continues to restore his rightful place, and to restore us. He heals hearts, minds and bodies, and sets people free -- as he always has.  He brings Freedom, Growth, Power!  Come join us and experience His transforming love!


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1550 Prince William Parkway 
Woodbridge, VA 22191

(703) 491-2288